Who We Are

Habecker Mennonite Church is a congregation with a long history of following the leading of God’s Spirit.  Since its beginning as a worship location for young immigrant families in the 1700s, the desire of the congregation has been to be a witness of peace and hospitality as it lives out Christian community on both local and global levels.

In June 2008 members of the Habecker congregation responded to requests from refugee settlement agencies to take in a Karen family from Burma who had arrived in the United States from refugee camps in Thailand.  (Learn more about the Karen people).  That simple extension of hospitality transformed the last decade of the congregation.  In the years that followed, more Karen families arrived bringing new joy and energy in a mix of young families and seasoned Christian leadership. The Karen families also brought with them a love for gardening and weaving out of which they give generously.  Habecker Church is now an intercultural congregation of about three-fourths native Karen speakers and one-fourth native English speakers who worship their One God together in their two languages.  The church continues to grow and strives to bless others, both locally and globally, as a witness to the love and peace of Jesus Christ.